Kristie Koepke, PT, DPT

Kristie is an alumna of Oakland University where she earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2010. She has determinedly pursued her educational goals with an impressive roster of continuing education courses. She is well versed in treatment options for variety of medical conditions.

Kristie specializes in one-on-one patient care and skilled “hands-on” techniques to achieve successful outcomes. She applies the values of “quality of life” with exceptional care and individual dignity for each patient. She has a special interest with treatments of the knee, as well as, the often unrecognized Sacral -Iliac joint (SI) dysfunction.

Additionally, Kristie has acquired additional formalized training and certification utilizing of the Delfi Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) system. Very few clinicians in the Michigan possess her working knowledge of this treatment option, research supports this new PT treatment option with significant strength gains in a reduced timeframe.

She also has pursued the coveted specialized training utilizing the Graston Technique of instrumented soft tissue mobilization, completing over 16 hours of formal hands-on instrumented training. She plans to complete the most advanced certification available in December 2018.

“I am truly dedicated to my profession where I develop individualized programs for each patient based on his or her deficits and needs. I strive to create a comfortable and healing environment with focused attention on each patient’s individual needs and I always try to add an element of fun to each session to uplift and motivate. The best success story is returning a patient to their work and leisure activities with full confidence.”