Penny Jones, PT, MPT, GTS, NG360

Penny is an alumna of Oakland University where she earned her Masters of Physical Therapy in 1994. She has a strong passion to stay current with the constantly evolving Physical Therapy Trends and treatment advancements. She continues to build on her education with an impressive roster of continuing education courses.

Penny maintains the Nike Golf 360 (NG360), a certification recognizing formalized Performance Analysis and Training program that delivers consistent improvement of golf-specific athleticism and performance. Certified in Spring 2013, she incorporates these principles daily with her physical therapy client’s rehab programs.

In addition, she has acquired the additional formalized training and certification utilizing of the Delfi Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) system. Very few clinicians in the Michigan possess her working knowledge of this treatment option, growing research supports this new PT treatment option with significant strength gains in a reduced timeframe.

She also has also pursued the coveted specialized training utilizing the Graston Technique of instrumented soft tissue mobilization, completing over 16 hours of formal hands-on instrumented training. She plans to complete the most advanced certification available in December 2018.

“I love what I do, I am blessed to be working in such an important profession alongside strong and caring clinicians. We make a difference in each person’s quality of life and strive for each visit to make a step toward that goal. I will try to help the client to help life not to be so hard, I will help my clients to optimize their abilities and enjoy the process.”